Arfon (protected wreck)

Arfon (protected wreck)  
Dive Category Wreck
Dive Type Band 5
Max. depth: 43 (M)
Trip Time: 2H :30M

Type of vessel - Steam trawler

How sunk –Hit a mine

Former names – None

Wreck height - 6m

Max Depth - 43m
Tonnage - 227
Length - 36m
Date sunk - 30 Apr 1917

When the Arfon was built in 1908 in Goole for the Pattern Steam Trawling Co of Milford in South Wales, she was designed for trawling, not for war. A 227-ton steel ship, she was 120ft long with a 21ft beam and 11ft draught. Like her sisters, she was worked hard fishing almost every day until World War 1. The Navy requisitioned her, fitted her with a 6 pdr gun and put her to work from Portland with several other trawlers of her type. Their main task was to sweep German mines laid by the UC-class of mine laying U-boats from the inshore shipping lanes off Dorset. The Arfon sank rapidly on 30 April 1917 after hitting a mine. She was sweeping for mines with the Vera Grace (the photo is of the Vera Grace). 9 of her crew perished.

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