Dive Category Wreck
Dive Type Band 3
Max. depth: 42 (M)
Trip Time: 3H :30M

Type of vessel  Steam ship

How sunk  Torpedoed

Former names  None

Wreck height - 7m

Max Depth - 42m
Tonnage - 5704
Length - 430'
Date sunk - 19 Nov 1917

This ship was owned by a Steamship Company of New Zealand and was built around the end of the 19th century. She was 430ft long and 54ft wide with a height of 40ft, weighing 5,704 tons.

She was torpedoed by UB-40 while sailing from London to Cardiff. At least 56 people died from her passengers and crew.

Her bow is 31 metres below the surface, her central section is upright but the forward section is listing at around 45 degrees to starboard. She was purchased from her original owners and is now owned by a local Swanage man.

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